Are Russian Dwarf Hamsters Nocturnal? Yes..

Russian dwarf hamsters are great pets to have and are entertaining to watch, play with and handle. Today’s question is Are Russian Dwarf Hamsters Nocturnal?

A Russian Hamsters Lifestyle

For many years hamsters have lived within human household. All dwarf hamsters wake up at different times but are known to be nocturnal.Nocturnal Russian dwarf Hamsters

So your answer is yes, Russian dwarf hamsters are nocturnal.

Although they sleep within the day, they will wake up within the day to get food or water. This is normally every 2-4 hours.

Pure Winter whites are known to be more active in the day than Campbell’s dwarf hamsters. If you’re wondering what is the difference is between Russian hamsters, Campbell’s and Winter Whites then click here.

Around 9pm + they will wake up and start coming to life. Depending on how much energy they use they could still be up at around 10am in the morning. Every hamster is different.

Why Are Russian Dwarf Hamsters Nocturnal?

In the wild, dwarf hamsters awaken at night to avoid predators. Being almost blind, they use their sense of smell to travel around, find food and navigate in the darkness.

Being nocturnal is crucial for their survival.

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