How to Find a Lost Hamster in the House – 5 Steps

How to Find a Lost Dwarf Hamster

how to find a lost hamster in the house

Russian Dwarf Hamster Hiding in a Tunnel.

There is nothing worse than your pet escaping.

So, we thought it would be wise to create a guide for those who come across this situation. Do not worry; it happens more than people think.

Here are 5 steps on how to find a lost hamster in the house fast:

How to Find a lost hamster in the house

Step 1Windows, Doors, Or Any Possible Further Escape

Your hamster has gotten lucky and is on an adventure around your room or house.

For your hamster’s safety, we recommend you stop access to any other rooms.How to Find a Lost Russian Dwarf Hamster Close all doors, cover holes to other room or even windows.


Make sure to block under door gaps. Using DVDs is a great way to block gaps.

Also keep dogs, cats and other pets away until you find your lost hamster.

Step 2 – How Well Do You Know Your Hammy?

Think… What does your hamster love doing? Think about its behaviour, where you think it would like to go, if you can do this you could save yourself a lot of time looking in the wrong places.

They will generally go for darker places that are untouched, not seen light for a while or dusty. Check these areas well and make sure to tidy up as you go along. This will help find a lost hamster much quicker.

Step 3Put your Cage Out and Some Interesting Traps… I Mean Treats 🙂

It is very common for you hamster to return to its cage for water, food or to sleep. Being almost blind, they use their sense of smell to find their way.

how to catch a dwarf hamster

This works well, make sure to leave a trail of treats up the stairs to entice your hamster towards the bucket.

How to catch a dwarf hamster – Put its open cage in the centre of the room, making sure to refill food, water and putting some added treats to entice. Another way to catch your pet is with the bucket method.

This is a great trap and will likely work on lost hamster over 2+ days.

Using a bucket, fill it up with soft bedding, tissue paper and tasty treats/food. Make a ladder or using a platform, place it next to the bucket making sure it is safe for your hamster to use to get into the bucket.

Once you hamster falls for the trap it will not be able to escape and will be safe and unharmed.

Smaller buckets that are not too high are much better for this. The basic idea is to get your hamster to fall in without being able to escape.

Step 4 Night Time Nibbles

All hamsters are nocturnal, if you are having trouble finding yours and it has been missing for longer than 24 hours then your best time to catch it, will be at night.

When sleeping, be sure to leave a dim light on and listen out before bed and in the mornings. In many cases, you may hear chewing so keep your TV, music or entertainment low or best turned off.

Simply sneak up on the noise and you will probably find it.

Another method is to leave treats around the room and wait at night until your hamster gets the courage to come out and eat. When it does, scoop it up using two hands.

Step 5Do Not Give Up!

How To Catch Escaped Dwarf Hamster

Come Back Soon 🙂

We have heard from a fair few owners that have lost their hamster, they will be fine on their own for the first few days and may turn up after weeks.

Giving up will never find your hamster and you must be patient. Finding a lost dwarf hamster will seem impossible but with a bit of hope, you will be more likely to find.

Here are some other tips from experienced owners:

  1. Pour flour around treats to help track the potential hideout. Normally a hamster will find food and bring it to its hideout. The little feet marks may help you work out which room it may be in.
  2. Call a friend round to help you find your hamster. More eyes, ears and hands helps a lot and warn you family, housemates or friends about where they walk and how. You do not want to step on it!
  3. Place your wheel on the floor.This one works mainly at night.
  4. Using tin foil, place food on it and place in areas you think your hamster may be in. If they are there, you will hear the foil rustle.
  5. Check shoe boxes, storage units and under big cabinets, dressers, beds and desks. These are common hiding spots.


That was our 5 steps on how to find a lost Russian dwarf hamster.

These steps work on all hamster including Chinese, Roborovski, Russian and Syrian. Need advice? Please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.


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