Russian Dwarf Hamster Sexing – Male or Female?

Dwarf hamsters at the age of 3 weeks need to be split into groups of the same gender and this is because Russian Dwarf hamsters gestation period starts around 3 weeks of age.

Is it important to understand how to sex your Russian dwarf hamster properly to avoid future surprises, more babies or conflict. In this section you will learn the best, easiest and fastest way to Russian dwarf hamster sexing.

Here is a really easy way to certain the difference between males & females…

5 General Rules to Russian Dwarf Hamster Sexing

Here are 5 easy ways to distinguish male Russian Dwarf Hamsters from females.

  1. Males are normally larger than females – in width and length
  2. Males anus is about a fingernail away from penis
  3. Females have nipples on the underside of her belly
  4. Males genitals stick out more between the back legs.
  5. Females anus is much closer to the female opening. (Can easily be mistaken as one)

Those 3 points should be checked when sexing Russian Dwarfs. However here is an even easier way to tell the difference between male and female Russian Dwarf Hamsters.

This is the easiest way to tell dwarf hamster gender and in the next section am going to teach you how to do this yourself.

How To Sex Your Russian Dwarf Hamster

Now that you have learn’t what to look for to determine the gender of your Russian dwarf hamster you will find it easier to distinguish males from females. Here is how to sex your own hamster.

Important note; Dwarf hamsters are very hard to sex at an early age of 0-19 days. This is because dwarf hamsters are still growing and developing in this time. To avoid misleading determination of hamster gender it is advised to wait until 21 days from birth. Also check more than once to be certain.

Hamsters don’t really like being flipped onto their back because they feel that they aren’t in control however this is how specialists, vets or breeders would sex this hamster.

On the other hand this is not the only way to tell the gender of your Russian Dwarf. Down below are 3 ways to sex your hamster without flipping them over.Introducing two hamsters together2

  1. The exercise ball – The exercise ball is a must have for all hamsters and will keep them fit, healthy and entertained. Although the exercise ball is used for exercise, it can also be used to help gender dwarf hamsters if it’s transparent or see through. Simply put your Russian in the ball and then look underneath (between their legs)
  2. A glass table or transparent plate/dish – This is an incredibly easy way to sex dwarf hamsters and involves placing hamster in a glass bowl, dish or plate and then inspecting from underneath.
  3. Handling without flipping them over – It’s possible to view their underside without flipping them over however it is easier to flip them on their back. When handling gentle use your finger and look underneath when you can. See the picture below.


Those are some easy ways to determine which gender your hamster is without flipping them onto their back.


Today you have learn’t how to tell between a male and a female Russian dwarf hamster and now you can sex your own hamster babies. Just remember that the female has two holes close to each other an the male will have a bigger gap between the two.

If uncertain always see a specialist or vet to check the gender of your hamsters.

If you have any more questions please leave a comment below.

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