Ferplast Duna Cage Review For Dwarf Hamsters – Is It Worth It?

Our Ferplast Hamster Cage Review

  1. Name – Ferplast Duna Cage
  2. Ferplast Duna Cage Review – 4.8/5
  3. Size – 55 x 47 x 37.5 cm (Medium)
  4. Price Roughly £65 or $124
  5. Best Place to Buy – Amazon UK Or Amazon USA 

The Ferplast Duna Cage is one of the many large dwarf hamster cages available online. It provides 2 platforms plus a ground floor, tubes, a hamster wheel, water bottle, house and a food bowl. All included within the box.

However, RussianDwarfHamster.Org decided to purchase this cage and make an honest review for dwarf hamster owners.

We personally really like the space and layout of this cage, on the other hand there are bad points about this concept and I would like to get into them first.

Ferplast Duna Cage Review – Bad Points

Lets get deep into the bad points about the Ferplast Duna Fun Hamster Cage for Dwarf hamsters, then look into the good points and finally break it down whether this is the right cage for your pet. Here is the first bad point we found within our review.

The First Bad Point – The food bowl supplied is too big. Now, this may sound not so bad, however, we found that it used a large amount of space within the Duna. Hamsters love plenty of accessories and the messier the better for them. But we preferred to remove it and use the available space up with other accessories for dwarf hamsters (top 10 here).

The Second Bad Point – To be honest, the hamster wheel is not very sturdy and could break in the future as its made of flimsy plastic, it’s better off replaced with a Flying Saucer.

I recommend buying a flying saucer (if you do not already have one) and replacing this, the wheel included with the Ferplast Duna also makes a slight noise. The food bowl actually, became a good sand bath, see How to Make a Sand Bath for Dwarf Hamsters – at home!

Good Points – Why We Recommend Ferplast Cages

We recommend this cage over most of its competition for reliability, space, safety and also on how much money you can save overall.

The good points about the Ferplast Duna are SPACE. The distance that a hamster can roam freely determines how happy your hamster’s life will be. Hamsters are easier to tame, keep and play with safely when they have plenty of space to play, run and discover. This cage provides plenty of room for one dwarf hamster and can easily be connected to other Ferplast cages like the Combi or the Laura Cage. 

Tubes that come with the Duna cage are very easy to clean, maintain and see through. They split into two pieces for easy access and we have seen people keeping Syrian hamsters in these cages and they easily fit around the cage which shows the size. That being said, its not recommended for Syrian hamsters.

The climbable ladders make it easy for all Chinese, Roborovski and Russian dwarf hamsters to access all floors and levels. Cages with small tubes and platforms are not recommended for the health of your hamster because they restrict air ventilation and can cause injury. The Duna cage tubes are perfect size for dwarf hamsters!

We recommend this cage because unlike its rivals, it will give your dwarf hamster a good life. Also comes with everything you need to start caring for a dwarf hamster including a wheel, accessible tubes, food bowl, hamster house (that can attach and detach from the ground) and of course a water bottle.

How the Dwarf Hamster Ferplast Duna Cage Benefit Our Hammies

After doing much research online we were originally going to go for a dwarf hamster cage by OVO. After reading some of the reviews we were shocked by some of the negative feedback and stories people had experience from this cage, we then found the Ferplast Duna Cage. The positive comments really compared, See The Reviews Here. 

Russian Dwarf Hamster Diet & Food SheetWhen it arrived we were surprised at how easy it is to assemble and mainly how sturdy/strong everything is. It looked hard to assemble online!

We had no problems with the Ferplast cage and our new adopted Russian Winter White loved it. The tube and cage ventilation was the selling point for us as we originally had bin cages.

After having other cages like the Ferplast Combi Cage as our travel cage for hamsters, this cage was by far the best in size, room, and included accessories. Still, to this date, our hamster roams and enjoys this cage and now she hardly shows bites the bars or tries to escape anymore.

I personally recommend this cage more than any other cage available online for dwarf hamsters. 

If you are looking for a quality, safe for hamsters and packed with extras then this is exactly what you want to home your dwarf hamster in. It will keep your hamster fit, healthy and happy.

Should you buy a Ferplast Duna Cage for Dwarf Hamsters?

Our Ferplast Duna Cage Review –

  1. This cage includes everything a new hamster owner will need
  2. Its space is perfect for one dwarf hamster and will provide a good life
  3. The Duna is safe for both hamster and owner whilst providing good ventilation
  4. Visibility to great within the cage meaning children and adults can observe from outside
  5. Price is fairly high compared to cheap Chinese cages online, but you pay for quality
  6. Cleaning is easy and can be done very quickly via dissemble and resemble

The included wheel is not perfect but all the extra essentials that come with it make up for this small loss. It is truly a cage I recommend for dwarf hamsters and is easy to maintain/clean.

Our recommendations for anyone wanting to buy the Ferplast Duna Cage Online are:

Save some money by purchasing it online

Ferplast Duna Review for Dwarf HamstersSurprisingly, in 2019 onwards, everything is much cheaper online. If you can wait the couple days for delivery you will save yourself a lot of money when buying the Ferplast Duna Cage online.

Pet stores charge a ridiculous amount for cages that most of the time have been damaged in packaging, used in-store or returned.

We get a lot of emails a week about pet stores prices and reliability, so do it right from the start.

Check out other customer reviews here at Amazon (Where we purchased ours).


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