Welcome to RussianDwarfHamster.Org We are helpful dwarf hamster guided website that is dedicated for the owners are dwarf hamsters. own multiple types of Dwarf Hamsters and in the past have cared for over 20 Campbell’s, Winter Whites, Russian dwarf hamsters… So we know what we are talking about, and can help you! Dwarf hamsters are among some of the most sociable and friendly rodents available come in many colors, breeds and sizes.

Our website is generally for Russian Dwarfs however will aid anyone who has Roborovoski, Campbell, winter whites or fancy dwarf hamsters. See our Russian Dwarf Hamster Care Guide for a happy healthy hamster.      

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RussianDwarfHamster.Org — 3 Comments

    • Hi Priscilla

      Is it a Russian Dwarf Hamster Mother?
      Mothers normally need double the amount of food and water than normal, make sure she has plenty. Unfortunately without me seeing it I can not answer your question correctly. She may have an infection or possibly an internal problem. I would recommend taking her to a vet.

      I hope all becomes well again.


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