How To Stop Your Hamster Biting The Bars – 3 Steps To Success

How to Stop Your Hamster Biting The Bars -

Russian Dwarf Hamster Biting Bars In His Cage

When a hamster bites the bars on its cage it is a sign of boredom, wanting to escape or a problem.

I would be lying to you if I said that not every hamster bites the bars on their cage. Although this is normal behaviour, it is very annoying to be woken up by your hamster biting the bars. Today I am going to show you how to stop your hamster biting the bars.

How to Stop Your Hamster Biting the Bars – 3 Steps to Success

There are many reasons that can cause your hamster to bite the bars however the most common cause is boredom. Here are 3 steps to stop hamsters biting the bars:

  1. Extra toys, accessories and chewies These will help keep you hamster occupied and prevent them chewing bars. See our top 10 Accessories they LOVE.
  2. Handling them more – If your hamster is bored then handling them more than once a day can help. However if they start biting the bars (within the first 10 minutes back in the cage) then the next point is what you need to do.
  3. A glass aquarium instead – This is your best option because it eliminates any chewing of bars completely. Many people prefer this compared to cages as they are easier to clean, maintain and last much longer. Here is a recommended aquarium that has no bars (and is good size, value for money).

Hamsters enjoy chewing on everything and once you have a aquarium it is recommended that you give them chew able treats to help keep their teeth in shape. Did you know that a hamsters teeth never stop growing?

An aquarium is a much better option then buying a different cage. Pet stores recommend aquariums over cages because they are more accessible provide more space and will give your hamster a better life.

Save yourself time, money and see more reviews of aquariums at

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