Our TOP 5 Russian Dwarf Hamster Accessories – Incredible

Having Russian Dwarf Hamster Accessories within a hamsters environment can prevent boredom, biting on the bars and an unhappy hamster.

Today we are going to look at our Top 5 accessories for dwarf hamsters, the best places to buy them and why they are voted our best accessories.

Number 5 – The Seesaw Tube

Top 5 Russian dwarf hamster accessories - Number 5 is the seesaw tubeThe Seesaw tube is a great accessory to have and can provide hours of entertainment. It uses gravity to move up and down like a sea saw (hence the name sea saw tube) to keep hamsters doing what they love, going through tunnels.

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Number 4 – Ferplast Tubes


Ferplast tubes are widely usable and can be placed in different locations every time you clean their cage/tank out.

They are easy to clean and can be split apart by just taking the rings of on either side. They connect together easily and make excellent accessories for dwarf hamsters.

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Number 3 – Sand Bath


Russian Dwarf Hamster Sand BathHaving a sand bath provides extra entertainment, an efficient way to keep fur maintained whilst helping odor.

If your hamster fur is looking a little greasy then maybe its time for a sand bath. See our incredible guide on creating your own sand bath here.

Number 2 – Bendable Wooden Bridges

bendable Russian dwarf hamster accessoriesThese bendable wooden bridges are awesome for hamster cages. They can be used in so many ways as ladders, boarders and hideouts. We recommend these for every hamster owner and there are wooden houses, castles and more that can be bought together online.

Check out these 

Number 1 – Flying Saucer

Our number one accessory is the Flying Saucer.

The Flying Saucer is basically a wheel but on its side. It provides plenty of entertainment and hours upon hours of use. It is fairly quiet and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Every hamster needs one of these as they are just superb and after your hamster works out how to use it, it will not stop. Flying saucer for dwarf hamsters

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If there is anything that you think should of been in our TOP 5 Russian Dwarf Hamster Accessories, leave a comment below…




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  2. What about a hamster ball my hamster likes it much more than our flying saucer, and I thought hamsters need dust baths not sand baths.

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