Combi 1 Fun Review – Suitable for Dwarf Hamsters?

What is the Ferplast Combi 1 Fun cage?

The combi 1 fun by ferplast is one of their new hamster cage range. It is very similar to the ferplast combi  one cage for dwarf hamsters but is it recommended by us?

Today we are going to review this cage and give honest thoughts for you and your hamster. Have you seen our Video Review of the combi cage? Check it out here…


  • 40.5 x 29.5 x 32.5cm
  • 2 floors
  • Comes with food bowl, wheel, platform, water bottle, tubes and house. (Most Ferplast cages come with some of these)

This cage of all cages available online is one of the smallest as you can see from the dimensions.


Where to buy one?

The Ferplast Combi 1 is an excellent travel cage, but it should not be used as a permanent habit for any type of hamster, its just to small.

However, it is a great accessory to add to a Ferplast Duna cage (See our video review – MUST BUY CAGE).

Cheapest price we found the Combi one for is available online is Amazon click here.Small Russian Dwarf Hamster Cage With Add Ons

Is the combi fun suitable for Syrian Hamsters or Dwarfs?

This cage is way to small for a Syrian (Teddy bear, Golden hamster). The tubes are big enough for a Chinese, Russian or Roborovski rodent.

When choosing a cage, tank or bin for your hamster, you should be aware that the recommended minimum floor space for dwarf hamster is 65×45. Going for the Duna cage mentioned earlier is a better idea!


Small dwarf hamster cages are not ideal for permanent hamster homes. They only cause future problems with biting, chewing and aggression towards owners.

we would recommend you look at your Ferplast Duna Cage Review instead here.


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