Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath Review For Dwarf Hamsters – Do They Actually DO ANYTHING?!

Russian Dwarf Hamster Critter Bath Colors

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Is one experiencing a strong odor from their hamster?

Sand baths help prevent odor, keep fur maintained and provide extra entertainment for hamsters.

Today, we did a Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath Review for Dwarf Hamsters and all dwarf hamsters in general. This is how it went…

The CritterBath is a great accessory to have and adds color, cuteness, and shine to your hamster’s environment. Although hamsters do not need a sand bath, they get so much pleasure out of having one!

The critter bath is probably the most complimented accessory within our hamster cages by guests.

  • The look great
  • They add color
  • Provide more pleasure and play
  • Another little hiding spot for your hamster
  • Just the right space for a sand bath
  • Easy to transport and clean

An inexpensive accessory that removes odor, prevents boredom and is entertaining to watch in action.

Do Dwarf Hamsters need Sand Baths?

The simple answer is no, however they are one of the best ways to keep your hamster hygiene and odor control.

Rodents of all types LOVE to make burrows, get dirty and mark scents on their territory. This, in turn, makes that odor that resides within the cage/home and on their fur. Smells a little like human body odor.

A sand bath for dwarf hamsters is a way to reduce this completely.

Here at RussianDwarfHamster.Org we recommend one of these Critter Baths as one of the top 3 accessories.

Where to buy cheapest Ceramic Critter Baths? 

If you want one, we found the cheapest place to buy ours and purchased it here.

However, there are a few other ones online which are cheaper but actually are a lot smaller in size and do not keep sand within the Ceramic Critter bath.

Therefore, their cheap replicas found online actually provide useless. You will see a lot of bad review about them and refunds because of this.


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