Russian Dwarf Hamster – The Basics to Happyness

Russian Dwarf Hamster – The Guide To A Happy Hamster

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Russian Dwarf Hamsters are the most friendly and easy to look after compared to their relatives (Syrian, Chinese and Robo). They’re a great pet for children and adults whilst bringing entertainment for all the family. See our recent Russian Dwarf Baby Hamster pictures and videos by clicking here.

What Is A Russian Dwarf Hamster?

Russian Dwarf Hamsters are a breed of rodents that were first discouvered in 1902 and come in two types, winter whites and campbells.

The real name for dwarf hamsters is Phodopus but there small size gave them the name ‘Dwarf Hamsters’. Dwarf hamsters are the only species of hamster that live in groups in the wild. They are very sociable and can live together in pairs throughout their life time. However many dwarf hamsters prefer to live separately and this is completely normal.

Are Dwarf Hamsters Good Pets?

All dwarf hamsters are very friendly,hand able and easy to care for once they are use to you however Russian dwarfs are the friendliest to humans.

Although Russian Dwarfs are nocturnal, they are awake within the day and enjoy being handled. Being a dwarf hamster, you need to handle them once/twice a day for the first weeks to build a relationship up with your beloved hamster.

What Do Dwarf Hamsters Need?

Considering buying a dwarf hamster but not sure what you need? Here is a list:

  1. A decent sized cage with essentials (Click Here to our Best Cages for Dwarf Hamsters Page)
  2. Food (Click Here To See What Dwarf Hamsters Love)
  3. An exercise ball (Click Here To See What We Recommend)
  4. How To Care For Russian Dwarf Hamsters (Click Here To See Our Ultimate Guide To Success)

That is all you need and you can click on any of the links above to get more helpful information.