How To Create A Sand Bath For Dwarf Hamsters – 5 Easy Steps

A Sand Bath for Dwarf Hamsters is a great way to help prevent odour, naturally cleans hamster fur and provides extra entertainment for you hamster.

Today we are going to be covering whether it is necessary to give hamster a sand bath, how to make dwarf hamster sand baths and everything you will need to create one.

Is it Necessary to Give a Hamster a Sand Bath?

Food, Accessories, Wheel and Water bottle. All essentials for any hamster but is a sand bath necessary?

Sand baths are considered as accessories and will prevent greasy fur and odours from the cage/hamster. Not only that but, hamsters enjoy rolling around in the sand. Russian dwarf hamsters and all dwarf hamsters in general groom throughout the time they are awake. A sand bath will help keep their fur maintained.

Does a Dwarf Hamster Need a Sand bath?

No, a hamster can live without a sand bath however it is a cheap, easy to clean accessory that hamsters do enjoy and will get used. Adding it to their environment would not do any harm.

How to Make a Sand Bath for Dwarf Hamsters

Creating a bath for your hamster is simple when you know what to do, which sand to use and how big your sand bath should be.

What you will need:

Here are our 5 steps!

Step 1 – Thoroughly clean the bowl/dish out with an animal safe antibacterial spray. Use a towel or cloth to dry the new bath.

Step 2 – Open your chinchilla bathing sand for hamsters and find a table spoon.

Step 3 – Fill the bowl, jar or dish up with roughly 7-10 tablespoons of sand. Make sure you have dried the bowl thoroughly before hand to stop the sand sticking.  

Step 4 Find a space within your hamster’s environment to place the sand bath.

Step 5 – It is better to keep a sand bath near the corners of the cage as the sand can spray everywhere and on the ground floor if cage has more than one layer.

Sand bath for dwarf hamster

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What is a dwarf hamster dust bath? Dust baths and sand baths do the same thing. However dust baths are known to give allergies to dwarf hamsters and should be avoided. Use the recommended suggested sand above.

Dwarf hamsters bath can provide entertainment with the added extra of cleaning hamster fur. Russian dwarf hamsters and hamsters in general are very hygienic creatures. Dwarf hamster bathing is not necessary but will provide extra benefits to your hamster’s lifestyle and care.

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  2. Having a sand bath for my dwarf hamsters really helped with keep the smell of them at bay. JUst revisited this post thanks for the advice.

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