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Best Cage For Dwarf Hamsters

One of the “Best Affordable, Reliable and Recommended Cage For Dwarf Hamsters! Pays For It Self In Accessories & Tubes”

Looking for cheap, not too large dwarf hamster cage that will fit nicely in your room or lounge? We feel like this is the best cage for dwarf hamsters.

Today we will give you the pros, cons and of course, where to buy cheap dwarf hamster cages.

Ferplast Laura Cage – Is It Worth The Money? First up is the Ferplast Laura Cage Review and whether this is the best cage for dwarf hamsters. Below is our video review.

The Ferplast Laura Cage is priced around £50 ($100) and is by far one of the most exciting cages to look at.

It comes with all your needed essentials for dwarf hamsters including food bowl, hamster house, tubes (which brought separately would cost more than the cage), water bottle, water bottle holder and a surprisingly good running wheel.

Cheapest and fastest delivery online for the Laura cage on Amazon.         

Now our first impressions of this cage were negative about the wheel before UNboxing.

Our thoughts were “it’s a good size, I bet the wheel will be flimsy, however, so we put bets on it and I lost $10!”  because I was wrong.

In fact, the wheel in this cage is good and the tubes are easily put together meaning cleaning the cage quickly. However, the assembly of this cage took roughly 3-4 minutes.

Enough of space to play, roam and explore Not ideal for bigger hamsters (e.g. Syrian or golden)
Easy to clean, lots of ventilation and entertaining to watch Assembly may take longer than other cages
Comes with everything you need for your dwarf hamsters, tubes can attach to other cages Expensive in store


Why This Dwarf Hamster Cage Will Benefit You

Dwarf Hamster are very active creatures, especially at night and this hamster cage is one of our favorites, that we still use to this day.

This is because it has plenty of space from2 layers and within the tubes (Dwarf’s love the tubes). Another benefit of this cage is the overall size being not too big, not too small… Just right for fitting in your living room or on top of a cabinet/shelf (away from the cats and dog).

Here are the top 3 reasons why we would recommend this habitat for your pet:

Space – Space is important especially if two or more hamsters live together in this cage. not having enough space may cause dwarf hamsters to become territorial over one another when they grow older. Dwarf hamsters naturally play fight, but when injuries happen, it may be time to separate them. This cage provides 2 floors, adjustable tubes to prevent boredom whilst being fun for all types of dwarf hamsters.

Best Cage For Two Dwarf Hamsters

Two Russian Dwarfs Sharing a Treat in the Ferplast Hamster Cage Tubes


Tubes/tunnels – Hamsters really enjoy wooden/plastic tunnels, tubes, and passages. The clear tubes make it very easy to observe your hammie playing and traveling through. Kids love to watch them speed through these seethrough tubes and fascinating for adults too.

Accessible – This dwarf hamster cage is connectable with other Ferplast cages including the Combi (See our Review) and other Ferplast accessories including the wheel room. You can get parts for this cage online and connect them up to make overall bigger hamster cages.

Small Russian Dwarf Hamster Cage With Add Ons

Best Cage for Two Dwarf Hamsters? Yes, the Laura cage is suitable for two hamsters when connected with the Ferplast Duna cage. (See our review of that cage here).

When easily connected together, it will have enough room for two Roborovski, Russian, Siberian, fancy, Chinese or other dwarf hamsters. Please be aware that this cage is not suitable for non-dwarf hamsters like Syrian.


Ferplast Laura Cage Review – The Bad Points – Who is this Designed for?

This cage is great for Dwarf hamsters including:

  • Chinese Dwarf Hamsters
  • Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters
  • Winter Whites
  • Fancy Dwarf Hamsters
  • Campbell’s
  • All types of ‘Dwarf Hamsters’

The Ferplast Laura Cage is designed for smaller hamsters and should not be used by Syrian, golden, or teddy bear hamsters. They require a bigger cage with spacious tubes, more space, and a larger wheel.

You will notice that most of the bad reviews about this cage are from Syrian owner who purchased the wrong size cage. It is simply not large enough.

Final Thoughts – Our Ferplast Laura Cage Review and Rating

Buy Ferplast Hamster Cage

Our rating on this cage is a 4.5 out of 5 for size, reliability and general care for your pet.

A Cage With Fun Integrated – The tubes, layers and wheel supplied already provide a fun experience for your dwarf hamster, even before you have put accessories in. Extra tubes can be bought separately and connected to other Ferplast cages like the Combi to create bigger cages..

See more customer reviews on Amazon.

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  1. Hello there! This is my first visit to your website.

    I read the reviews on this cage on Amazon and all were very positive other than the ones from people who put their syrian hamsters in it? Why would they do that when it blatantly said in the name “for dwarf hamsters”.

    Anyway mine is in the post and I cant wait for it to arrive. My Robo will love it and I chose to get the silent spinner too.

    Thanks for the help!

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