Is Carefresh Bedding Good for Hamsters – A Horrible Mistake.

Is Carefresh Bedding Good for Dwarf Hamsters?

One word, very pleased…

One of the questions we get asked often is, is natural bedding safe for hamsters and if so, would you recommend it for my dwarf hamster? In this Carefresh Bedding Review, we answer the question is Carefresh bedding good for dwarf hamsters?

But first, our thoughts and what our Russian Dwarf Hamster thinks…

    1. 4.7 out of 5
    2. Excellent & recommended
    3. Much cheaper way to buy Carefresh

Check out our Video Review – Carefresh Bedding For Russian Dwarf Hamsters & All Dwarf Hamsters In General:

Carefresh bedding is an excellent bedding that helps prevent hamster odor, encourage burrowing and is safe to eat for dwarf hamsters.

Being compressed down in the packaging, it will last much longer, 2.5x longer! When you take some out, it instantly expands. I recommend getting 60 litres as it will be cheaper long term from Amazon.

Carefresh Bedding Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Although Carefresh bedding costs more than saw dust and other bedding materials, it really is worth the extra $. Since using this bedding for our Russians we have noticed more energy and what looks like a happier hamster. They really enjoy digging in it and making nests.

It is an all rounder and is worth a try!is carefresh bedding good for hamsters

We have read many forum reviews about Carefresh Bedding and can safely say, its high quality.

This bedding can be used for rabbits, guinea pigs and snakes too!

How It Benefited Us & How It Will Benefit You

My girlfriend, being allergic to dusty bedding materials actually can use this bedding now. Keeping our hamster within our room she would sneeze violently. But this bedding really helps will allergies and will also help keep a hamsters lungs safe.

Dwarf hamster CareFresh Bedding Natural is what we recommend and you can find the exact one but bigger that we buy online at the top of this page.

This bedding easily makes great hamster dens and can easily spot cleaned when needed.

Does your hamster like Carefresh too?




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