My Russian Dwarf Hamster Keeps Biting Me?

Your new Russian dwarf hamster is a biter?

Why Is My Russian dwarf hamster keeps biting me

A Beautiful colored Campbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamster Being Held

Having a hamster that bites, may make you feel like you are doing something wrong or your pet does not like you… This is not always true!

Today you are going to learn:

  1. Why dwarf hamsters bite?
  2. What is normal behavior vs problem
  3. How to stop your Russian dwarf hamster biting

My Russian Dwarf Hamster Keeps Biting Me?

Campbell’s, Winter Whites and Russian hamsters show all similar behavior towards a threat. In the wild, they are prey animals and this is one of the reasons why they are nocturnal. Foraging at night is safer.

But why does my Russian dwarf hamster keep biting me and what am I doing wrong?

Dwarf hamsters are half the size of Syrians and are known to be territorial. One of the biggest mistakes that owners do is:Campbell's Russian dwarf Hamster keeps biting

  • Putting your hand in front of your hamsters face (before tamed)
  • Attempting to pick a hamster up before they have fully awoken
  • Picking them up to quickly or in a threatening manner (towards a hamster)

It is very easy to forget that your hand (towards a hamster) is the equivalent to an elephant to a human. When it intrudes within their cage, it may seem like a big scary threat to them. This normally results in your hamster biting your hand due to being frightened.

It is very important that you pick your hammy up with two hands using the scoop method whilst being gentle and quiet. They are easily frightened and bite when feeling threatened. 

What is Normal Behavior VS Problem Biting?

It may be difficult to distinguish the difference between biting and nibbling.

What is Nibbling? – Nibbling is a method rodents use to determine what you are. Food, bedding or skin may be gently tested by a hamster’s mouth. Similar to a bite, a hamster will bite slower and with less intention to hurt you to understand either what you taste like, how you react to it or either to acknowledge you.

What a Defensive Bite Is Like? – When they feel threatened, cornered or in danger a nasty bite will draw blood. This could be a defensive warning or a means of getting your attention. Normally these bites will happen quickly and they may hiss or make a squeaking noise.

What is Hissing? – Hissing is a noise hamsters make when they are angry or threatened. It sounds very similar to a cat hissing. They only do this when they are upset, bite and think you are a predator.

How to Stop Your Russian Biting You?


Getting a bite by your Russian dwarf hamster can hurt and discourage you from handling them. No one likes getting bitten!

There are a couple of things to do but the best one I will save till last.

1. Make sure your hamster’s cage/environment is spacious. Rodents may bite because of boredom and chew through their accessories. This can be prevented with a bigger cage/tank. See what we recommend you get here.

2. Have two hammies living together? Maybe one is being bullied by the other and this is why one is biting you. They can be defensive to humans and other hamsters when they grow older, especially 2 males. Learn more about this behaviour here.Dwarf hamster keeps biting me for no reason

3. Our final recommendation and the best one for you. Taming your hamster is an excellent way to get your pet to stop biting, become very handle able and relaxed around you plus others.

Hamsters need taming before they are comfortable with being handled regularly and if you have not tamed your hamster yet, you can learn How to Tame a Russian Dwarf Hamster in 5 Easy Steps Here. 

Our 5 steps to success have helped hundreds around the world and will benefit you if you are experiencing biting, aggressive behaviour or boredom biting. Now that you know what to do, click here to see our taming guide VIDEO…


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  1. Hi I have a question av got this Russian dawf hamster he’s about 3months he has red eyes now he seems to bite me and a only take him out at night for 5mins or 10 not he bites me what should a do

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