Russian Dwarf Hamster Babies Care – Did You Know This?

Has your Russian dwarf hamster had unexpected babies?

It is more common than you may think but, sometimes young Russian dwarf hamsters are mixed with the wrong sex. This leads to pregnant dwarf hamsters that are sold on without the store or breeder knowing.

In this week’s post we are going to look at proper Russian dwarf hamster babies care, how to deal with unexpected baby hamsters and important advice on caring for baby Russian hamsters. This post is for unexpected, not breeding.

Guide to Russian Dwarf Hamster Babies Care

A Russian dwarf hamsters babies are hairless at birth and begin to grow fur within the first week. Here is a video of what to expect…

New-born are very cute however there are some very important rules you should abide by, if your hamster has unexpected babies.

RULE Number 1 – Do not touch the babies… Although they may seem very cute and cuddly, if you touch the young within the first 17 days (2 and a half weeks), the mother may abandon her young or worse eat them. Do not touch the mother and young within the first 3 weeks if possible.

2 Plenty of food water – The mother will care for her young, however she cannot do it all on her own. She will need almost double her daily amount of food and water. This is because her young will require milk that she should provide. Enough nourishment for the mother will be essential for healthy babies. Add extra food and change water daily.

3 Mother and child time – Caring for dwarf hamster babies is stressful for the mother. Be sure to give her as much time and space as possible. Disturbing her and the young may only cause future problems. Keep their cage/tank in a quiet location where disturbances are minimal. Music should also be kept low or off.

Here is a picture of Russian dwarf hamster pups from 2 days old up to 6 weeks old. Notice how they grow fur on their backs quicker than undersides and how their eyes develop to open.

Russian dwarf hamster babies guide care


Have Two Hamsters But Not Sure Which One Is Female?

Do you have two Russians, but not sure which one is male and which is female?

Pet stores and breeders sometimes may accidentally put different sex’s together thinking they both are the same gender. If you have two and one is pregnant then one may be a boy and the other may be a girl.Male & Female Russian Dwarf Hamster

The best way to find out is by taking them to a vet or seeing our “How to Determine the Gender of a Russian Dwarf Hamster” By Clicking Here.

If it appears that you have a male and a female, although males make great fathers and help bring up the young, they may reproduce within the first 24 hours of birth which will result in more babies within the gestation period (20-29 days).

We advise that you split the father into his own tank, cage or environment and allow the mother to bring up the young. Another reason for this is – The farther may mate with the baby females when they become 3 weeks old causing future problems.


What You Should Do – To Help The Mother Bring Up Healthy Pups

If your hamster has surprised you with new pups, there really is not much else you can do to help.

The mother will raise her young up independently and with the extra provided food, water and space she will do everything in her power to bring them up. RussianDwarfHamsterPictures

Allowing her to do her job is crucial and could save their lives.

Have you seen our 5 Steps to Success raising Russian dwarf hamster babies? Learn more here.

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