Cheap Dwarf Hamster Cages – Top 3 Worth The Money?

Cheap Dwarf Hamster Cages - Combi Cage For Dwarf Hamsters

How Cages Are Before Set Up

If you are like me, a “Dwarf Hamster Lover”. Then you want the best dwarf hamster cages with out the HUGE price tag.

Dwarf hamster cages come in all shapes and sizes but are the expensive cages really worth the money? Or can you save money on a cheap dwarf hamster cage and give your hamster the life it deserves…

Today you are going to learn which dwarf hamster cages your hamster will love that can be bought for half the price of the big brands.

Cheap Hamster Cages for Dwarf Hamsters

Over the years I have brought cheap dwarf hamster cages & big brands and  learn’t the hard way. Dwarf hamsters love space, accessories and tubes!

Humans love cages that don’t allow escaping hamsters.

If  you are looking for the Best Cages for Dwarf Hamsters, I have reviewed a ton of different brands and styles. These are the more popular ones bought online.

Ferplast Laura Hamster Cage

Cheap Dwarf Hamster Cages

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Looking for a fun, spacious and recommended cage with 33% off. This is for you.

The Ferplast Laura cage is one of the most popular cages for all types of dwarf hamsters. See our video review by Clicking here.

All Included:

  1. 2 Floors
  2. Tubes (If bought tubes separately they cost more than this cage)
  3. Water Bottle & Food Bowl
  4. House and Wheel.


Rating Out of 5 4.8/5
Bad Points about the Ferplast Laura Cage This cage is designed for dwarf hamster only (Russians, Chinese, Robos, Campbells, Winterwhites, Fancy Dwarfs and Siberian dwarf hamsters). This cage is not suitable for Syrians.
Price The price for this cage is roughly 60 GBP or 100 Dollars. Get yours with 33% Off On Amazon.

Ferplast Duna Dwarf Hamster Cage

Cheao Dwarf Hamster Cages

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Another Ferplast cage because they are very popular for reliability, practicality and easy to keep.

The Duna cage is personally one of my favorite and is the first cage I bought to home 2 male Russian dwarf hamsters. This cage has so much space it provided well for them.

All Included:

  1. Tubes (5 Pieces)
  2. House
  3. Wheel
  4. Food Bowl
  5. 2 upper platforms with paths (3 floors in total)
  6. Plenty of Space for 1-2 dwarf hamsters

This cage is more expensive than most of its competitors and has many good reviews for dwarf hamsters. Will this benefit you? If you are looking for a cage that will not break, will keep you hamster entertained and provide plenty of space for extra accessories then this will benefit you.

Bad Points – The bad points about the Ferplast Duna cage is that the wheel is better replaced with a silent spinner or Spinning Saucer. 

This wheel is wobbly and can be noisy at night. Rating is 4.8 out of 5. For all types of dwarf hamsters, not Syrian hamsters.

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Rotastak Mission Pod Small Animal Housing

Number 3 on our cheap dwarf hamster cages list is a wild alternative for a serous hamster lover. The Rotaskak Mission Pod is like an action movie for a dwarf hamster and will keep your dwarf hamster entertained for hours on end.

Cheapest Dwarf Hamster Cage

Cheapest Dwarf Hamster Cage
(That Has Recommended Standards For Dwarf Hamsters)

If you are like me and prefer to have a cage that is awesome to look at then this is for you. This cage certainly keeps dwarf hamsters in shape and the wheel is very sturdy.

This adventure cage gets a 4.4/5

Bad Points – The bad points about the Rotaskak mission pod come when cleaning the tubes. Although the tubes give dwarf hamsters roaming space they are hard to clean. TIP use a shower head on the highest setting a blast the insides with water.

This cage can be found here at Amazon with 50% off limited time only.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right dwarf hamster cage should not be hard. With the 3 top above you can buy in confidence that your dwarf hamster will love his/her new cage.

These cages are suitable for 1-2 dwarf hamsters and provide plenty of space and room to play. This is essential and will lead to happy hamsters.

My favorite of the 3 is the Ferplast Duna Cage as it has plenty of space and room to house 1-2 dwarf hamster. This cage is suitable for all types of dwarf hamsters and incredible easy to clean. If you are considering keeping two Russian dwarf hamsters together then this cage is great and I recommend this. Learn how to keep Russian Dwarf Hamster by clicking here.

Which is your favorite cage?

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