Large Dwarf Hamster Cages – What Is Better, Cheaper & Reliable

Looking at Large Dwarf Hamster Cages but not sure which is best for your dwarf hamster? I know the feeling…

Not knowing what to look for when choosing to home your dwarf hamsters can be frustrating. After all, we all want the best environment for our dwarf hamster(s) and to save money.Tame Russian Dwarf Hamster

To find the right cage you will need to take into consideration a few important points:

  • It should have plenty of space
  • Needs to be safe and secure
  • Tubes should be big enough
  • Ideally you do not want high bars (prevents dwarf hamsters climbing and falling)

Large Dwarf Hamster Cage that I Recommend – My Thoughts

There are many big dwarf hamster cages on the market that can be bought online however one stands out from the crowd.

It is called the Laura Duna cage and I remember when we first got it for one of our Russian dwarf hamsters. She absolutely loved it and the space it provided really gave her room to make nests, play and roam. We still have the cage to this day.

The accessories it comes with are by far brilliant and the tubes bought separately cost half the price of the cage. It really is excellent value for money and it will improve you hamster life dramatically.

The cage that our hamster had before had bars all around except the base, and at night (1- 4 am) she would bite the bars trying to escape. This used to wake us up and very annoying. When we purchased the Laura Duna cage it all stopped and although there are bars in the middle. She would always be more occupied with other things. It is a great cage and we should have got it earlier.

If you want to learn more about the Laura Cage Duna Cage for dwarf hamsters see more reviews at Amazon. Click Here

How to Save Money with Large Dwarf Hamster Cages

After caring for Russians, Chinese and roborovski dwarf hamsters for over 10 years you begin to realize how to save money on future cages, what dwarf hamsters love and how to give them a good life.

One problem that seemed to follow me was buying new hamster cages. When choosing big dwarf hamster cages you are far better off going with a glass aquarium (for fish without water).

Many experienced hamster handlers, breeders and carers will tell you the same thing. They are more reliable, safe and provide more room. It also provided extra sighting through glass which children love to see.

The amount of cages I have bought in the past would have paid off for a 20 gallon Aquarium in which our two Russian dwarf females would have lived happily together in.

Aquariums are much safer, spacious and maintainable for Dwarf Hamsters. They will pay for themselves in the long term & cost roughly the same price as a large dwarf hamster cage.

Where to get Large Dwarf Hamster Aquariums

A large aquarium for dwarf hamsters is a great option, especially if you are planning on keeping two together.

Before buying one online or at your local pet store, check your garage, attic or basement in case you already have one. Look what we found in our shed.

Large Dwarf Hamster Cages - Where to get large dwarf hamster aquariums

A 12 Gallon Tank Big Enough to Hold 2 Russian Dwarf Hamsters. Needs a Clean First.

If however you do not have an available fish tank, I recommend buying one from Amazon. This is because pet stores charge a lot more money for the same goods.

There are a range of great aquariums at Amazon however before you decided which one is best for you, this is what we recommend:

1. Plenty of floor space (a 10-20 gallon tank provides enough space)

2. You will need to add plenty of toys as these will not come with the tank

3. If yours comes with a lid make sure not to put it on. Leave it off to help air circulation

Here is what I have used and is a good aquarium from Amazon. Click Here to see more reviews.

In Conclusion

Large Dwarf Hamster Cages provide a happy environment for Dwarf hamsters. Dwarf hamsters need plenty of space and will be easier to tame, handle and play with when suited in a big cage or Aquarium.

Although large hamster cages are very popular, they also take longer to clean, wipe down and reassemble. This is another reason why we recommend aquariums as they take half the time to clean out and maintain. Pet stores keep Dwarf hamsters in Aquariums because of this.

Here are the two large dwarf hamster environments we recommend:

1. 10-20 Gallon Aquarium from Amazon ( Best Price – Click Here To See)

2. Laura Duna Cage from Amazon (Best Price – Click Here To See)

What will your Decision Be?

Best Cage For A Dwarf Hamster – What They LOVE

What Is The Best Cage For A Dwarf Hamster?

There are 3 types of dwarf hamsters and they are Russian (Campbell’s & Winter whites), Chinese and Roborovski. Although Winter whites are actually Djungarian hamsters they are classed as Russian Dwarf Hamsters.

Best cage for a dwarf hamster

If you are like me and enjoy watching your dwarf hamster play, feed and love being in their environment then you will want the best cage for a dwarf hamster.

There are some amazing cages on the market right now for dwarf hamsters and I will show you them below but before I do, I must say that building an aquarium for your Dwarf Hamster is always the best option. But for those who want top rated dwarf hamster cages, read on…

The Essentials A Dwarf Hamster Cages NEED

Most dwarf hamsters have a life span of 1-2 years however many can live longer. They are a very playful species and can easily become bored. Regular handling, chewies and toys sometimes doesn’t quite do the trick.

Russian Dwarf Hamsters struggle to climb compared to Chinese hamsters. Dwarf hamsters in general are not great climbers. However Chinese hamsters are considered the best climbers out of all the small hamster species.

Because of this, cages with tubes that are vertical are not great. In the wild dwarf hamsters live in small holes in the ground and enjoy burrowing. They nocturnal and come out at night to avoid their main predators. Check out the Top 10 Dwarf Hamster Accessories voted by you.

The essentials a dwarf hamster cage must have are:

1. Space – This is incredibly important for the future and happiness of your dwarf hamster. Many people think that because they are small they require a small area or small cage. A good example of a cage that is too small for dwarf hamsters is the Ferplast Combi Cage.

2. Tubes – Believe this or not, but dwarf hamster love tubes that they can climb in. It replicas tunnels that they would dig in the wild. Many cages come with tubes however do not choose cages with tubes that will be difficult to climb. An example of this is the Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster.

3. Wheel – The wheel is a great way to help dwarf hamster burn of energy whilst having fun. It is entertaining to watch and a great feeling to know that they love running in their wheel. The problem is that many good cages lack a good, quiet wheel. My recommendation to this situation is that you purchase the silent spinner from Amazon here and read the reviews.

4. Food Bowl – A food bowl is essential for keeping your hamsters cage clean. It will keep your dwarf hamster from throwing food around and making a mess. It will also prevent feces getting into their food stash. A good cage will come with this.

5. At least 2 layers – This really matters for a small hamster because they live in their cage 24 hours of the day (other than ball time) 7 days a week. Having 2-3 floors in their cage really keeps them occupied more and “in their own little world”. This also prevents them climbing on the bars and becoming bored.

Now you know what your dwarf hamster needs and wants, lets look at the best cages for dwarf hamsters that fit those criteria above.

Ferplast Laura Cage – Our Favorite

The Ferplast Laura cage is well known for reliability (no escaping hamsters), fun and quality. You can see our full review including our video review by Clicking Here.

Best Cage For a Dwarf Hamster

An Example of How This Cage Can Be Changed. The Wheel Normally is on the Bottom Floor.

Ferplast have made another excellent cage here called the Laura cage. It includes all of the essentials above and is a good size. Although this is not the biggest cage for dwarf hamsters that Ferplast have, it really is flexible when it comes to customizing the cage. In fact its so good you can put your wheel up or downstairs and you can manipulate the tubes to attach to other cages.

Dwarf Hamsters find the tubes easy to climb and their is no risk of falling or becoming stuck.

The bad points about this cage is that the wheel it comes with is not 10/10. It does work fine however it is better replaced with a silent spinner or flying saucer.

Dwarf Hamsters Love this Cage! One of our male Russian Dwarf Hamsters will always climb back into his cage after handling. He is very tame and not afraid, just love this cage. You can see him do this on our how to tame a Russian dwarf hamster video.

To see more about this cage please see our review on the Ferplast Laura Cage HERE

What Is the Best Cage for Two Dwarf Hamsters?

If you choose to keep two dwarf hamsters together then you should be prepared to split them up, even if you never have too.

Not all dwarf hamsters can live side by side and some prefer to live on their own and this is normal. Russian Dwarfs are the most sociable and friendly breed towards each other. If you are considering keeping two together see our Russian Dwarf Hamster Fighing to prevent yours fighting.

You will need double the space and the best cage for two dwarf hamsters is the Ferplast Duna Cage. However even this is not big enough…

This cage will provide plenty of space but to prevent fighting when they grow older you ideally want to attach another cage. It is very easy to do so with the Duna Cage and you can also connect the Ferplast Laura Cage. 

It is better to use a aquarium (for fish) without water as a surrounding and then put lots of toys and accessories to keep them happy. Dwarf hamsters will fight to the death over space, food and territory. This is why we recommend space for each of them.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the perfect cage for your beloved dwarf hamsters you should always make sure that the cage you choose has all fits to all the points above.

This way your hamster will love a happy life and will be easy to tame, handle and fun to watch.

The best cage for a dwarf hamster that we recommend is definitely the Ferplast Laura Cage. Why not check out our review by clicking here. 

What Cage Is Your Hamster IN? Leave a Comment


Winter White Hamster – 8 Interesting Facts

What Are Dwarf Winter White Hamsters?

A winter white hamster is a Djungarian hamster, also known as a Russian dwarf hamster.

Winter white hamsters are very similar to Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamsters with a handful of unique differences. A winter white hamster will grow white fur in the winter changing their overall appearance to camouflage in the snow. This makes them very hard to find in the wild.

Dwarf Winter White Hamster

Our Winter White Dwarf Hamster Changing Colours (White – Grey)

However, this is not the only difference between Cambells and winter whites. Winter white hamsters have hairy feet compared to Campbell’s. See our recently adopted Dwarf winter white hamster video (click here).

How to Care For Winter Whites

 If you are the owner of a Winter White or a Campbell’s dwarf hamster you should not treat them any different. They both enjoy the same food, a big cage, and plenty of toys/accessories. To learn how to care for a Russian dwarf hamster or Winter white properly see our Care Section Here.

8 Interesting Winter White Hamster Facts

Dwarf hamsters are great pets to have and will always put a smile on your face. Here are EIGHT winter white hamster facts.

1. Winter whites may train themselves not to change their fur color in the winter. Some hamsters realize that they do not need to change their color when raised in a cage or captivity. Although this is rare, it can happen.

8 Interesting Winter White Hamster Facts

They Camouflage Well

2. Although dwarf hamsters are nocturnal, winter whites are active more in the day. Compared to Campbell’s who sleep in the day and only wake up to get food or water. Winter white hamsters are known to play in the day.

3. When choosing your perfect Russian dwarf hamster at the pet store you cmay find it harder or even impossible to buy winter white dwarf hamsters. This is because they are much rarer and Cambell’s (Russians & Siberians) are more common. To find an original breed of winter white you could find yourself travelling further than you expected to get one.

4. A winter white hamster’s fur coat will change in the winter but varies uniquely. Some will become completely white and others may have slight patches, spots or whitening of certain areas only.

5. Winter whites generally are more tolerant to humans than Campbell’s and are less likely to bite. However, this can vary depending on the reputable breeder that you purchased the hamster from was and how well they were treated. For example, Russian dwarf hamsters that were left to fight with other families from a young age will be harder to tame and more likely to bite.

6. They originate from Siberia and have the Latin name of Phodopus Sungorus.

7. The name ‘dwarf’ was given to them due to their size. They grow to 3-4 inches long which is half the size of an average Syrian hamster. They also have a thicker dorsal stripe on their back and have hairy feet.

8. Winter white hamster behavior at an early age differs to Campbell’s. From the age of 2 weeks they can show aggression to their fellow companions. They are more vocal and make squeaking noises more often than pure Campbell’s. This is normal and their way of play fighting.

Do Winter White Hamsters Make Good Pets?

Yes… They make excellent pets for children (9+) and young adults. They do not make great pets for children under 9 years of age, however, children sometimes do not realize how gentle they need to be, winter white hamsters are easily scared and may bite. A Syrian hamster is more recommended for younger children.

Russian Dwarf Winter White Hamsters are easy to keep, handle and fairly inexpensive to own. When they are tamed they enjoy being handled, played with and interacted with. You will need to learn how to properly tame your winter white hamster, See our Video Tutorial called How to Tame a Winter White Hamster in Days.

Where Can I Buy Winter White Hamsters?

Where Can I Buy Winter White Hamsters?

If you prefer to have a winter white over any other type of hamster then the best place to find them may be at your local pet store or  contact a breeder.

Ask someone who works there and they may have them behind the store or alternatively ask where you can find one. Depending on your area you could find it really hard to get a winter white hamster or fairly easy.

The one we adopted in the video above, was grouped with 4 other Djungarian hamsters before taken home by the previous owner. Then returned to the pet store and put in a cage on her own until we found her.

Always ask if they are an original winter white or a hybrid.

A hybrid is E.g. a winter white hamster and a Campbell’s bred to create hybrids. Many hybrids look like winter whites but will not turn white in the winter.

Best Cages For Winter White Dwarf Hamsters

When choosing a cage for your dwarf hamster you should always take consideration into size, accessories and the long-term care.

A great cage that is recommended for being reliable, very creative and provides an excellent atmosphere for Russian dwarf hamsters is the Ferplast Duna Cage… See our review with some of these TOP 10 dwarf hamster accessories.

However aquariums are always a great way to keep hamster because they provide more space, room to play and visibility from other angles.


Campbell’s and Winter Whites are great pets to have. They are inexpensive to keep, look after and care for.

Personally, we hear a large number of people who want to buy Winter white hamsters over Campbells, because they are friendlier, fascinating to watch in the winter and more playful during the daytime.

They also appear slightly smaller, but many have said that’s just the colors playing tricks on the mind.

Both types of hamster are very similar in behavior however, choosing one that is right for you will be easy when you see “your favorite” out of the bunch… When tamed they are a delight to have.


Have you got any more questions about winter white hamsters? Leave a comment.