Russian Dwarf Hamster Hissing? – What To Do…

There are many causes for Russian dwarf hamster hissing.

For an owner, it may make you think like you are doing something wrong. Today you are going to learn:

  1. Why Russian dwarf hamsters hiss
  2. Common behavior when biting and hissing
  3. How to stop your dwarf hamster hissing

Why Is My Dwarf Hamster Hissing At Me?

Hamster hissing is very similar to when a cat hisses.

When a hamster hisses, this is a sign of aggression towards something they may feel is a threat. Every hamster can hiss when they want to but will only do this when feeling trapped, in danger or cornered.

Some hamsters are mistreated at a young age and can develop hissing behavior towards almost everything. We will look at a way to solve this later down the page.

What does hissing look like?Hamster_fight

All types of hamsters including Syrian, Chinese, Roborovski and Russian dwarfs will do this action in the same way.

Normally they will stand on their back feet, open mouth and flare teeth. This is a warning that a bite and aggressive behavior will come.

See picture on the right, this is very similar behavior.

Common Behavior With Hissing & Biting Russian Dwarfs

Campbell's Russian dwarf Hamster Facts

A Russian Dwarf Hamster That Doesn’t Hiss Or Bite Anymore

Not only do they hiss and bite. But you may also notice a strange smell that comes from between their legs.

This is another warning sign that is normally used for marking territory. The scent that they produce is strong and in the wild is used to ward of predators.

If your hamster is hissing at you, spraying and also biting then there may be a problem with your hamster. Possibly an infection, miss handled at young or even in pain.

A trip to the vet can always find out what’s wrong.

In the next stage, we are going to look at how to stop your dwarf hamster hissing, biting and spraying foul smells.

How to Stop Your Russian Dwarf Hamster Hissing and Biting

Pets that show aggression towards their owners need to be tamed.

But what does taming do? Taming, is an excellent way to build up a strong relationship with your pet hamster. Taming will allow your dwarf to realize that you mean no harm.

Generally if a dwarf hamster is hissing, biting you or spraying smelly fluids, then it feels in danger around you. This can easily change when your hamster feels safe around you. This is why taming your hamster will stop hissing and biting.

If you own a Russian, or any type of dwarf hamster and experiencing any of the above. I recommend you see our Video guide – How to Tame a Russian Dwarf Hamster by clicking here.

Alternatively if you still have questions, please leave a comment below…

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